Wilmington NC Landscaping Services

Wilmington NC landscaping services performed by Gunnell Landscaping will ensure your home or business property looks its very best year-round. We are a full service landscaping and lawn care company offering a variety of landscape services tailored to meet your specific needs and budget anywhere in the greater Wilmington North Carolina area.


Design / Build / Maintain … that’s what we do.

  • We will Design your custom garden or landscape to enhance the beauty, value and enjoyment of your property.
  • We will Build your custom landscape, patio, garden, pond or stone feature with our expert installation to be aesthetically pleasing and harmonious with the surroundings.
  • We will Maintain your landscape to the highest standards possible. After all, our relationship doesn’t end with design and build … with 14+ years in the Wilmington area, Gunnell will be with you to maintain your property every step of the way well into the future.

When we design a program to care for your lawn, you will receive a detailed month-by-month plan along with specific prices for your particular lawn so that you will not be faced with unexpected or hidden charges.  Should additional services be required over the course of the year, you will be contacted in writing for approval.  When doing a landscape design, we will meet with you for your ideas and then combine that with our expertise to generate a design that exemplifies your style! Check out our list of landscape services below.


Landscape Design and Installation Services

Landscape design services at Gunnell Landscaping start with a consultation to find out what desires you have for your garden landscape.  Then, with our plant and garden design knowledge, we will develop a landscape site plan for your review.

Revisions, if required, will be made to achieve a design that exceeds expectations! We will also discuss the necessary irrigation requirements which we can provide. Finally, we will cover the details of the install process by our highly trained staff and the required maintenance. You can see how “Design / Build / Maintain” is more than a slogan for Gunnell Landscaping Services, it’s the core philosophy behind every landscape project we’re involved in.

Additional features that we can install to add value to your property are:

  •  Stonework including firepits and custom grill enclosures
  •  Custom Hardscapes including Patios, Paths and Walkways
  •  Water Features including garden ponds and waterfalls

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Irrigation System Design and Repair Services

We offer irrigation system design services for new systems, or adding to existing systems, with a focus on water conservation through the use of high efficiency products and skilled design.  Turf sprinkler heads should be used to irrigate the turf only and not the plant material.  Plant material has the potential to develop diseases when irrigation water wets the plant from the top, plus it’s an inefficient use of water.  We design our irrigation systems to use a minimal amount of water while providing for the needs of each individual plant.  This conserves water and helps maintain a healthier garden!

Our irrigation staff is also proficient in irrigation repair.  Customers usually find out that their irrigation systems are not working correctly when they turn them on in the spring.  Our seasonal irrigation audit and inspection will prevent problems and keep your system running efficiently. Possibly the controller isn’t working or a valve has failed or the irrigation heads are watering the street as opposed to your yard.  Whether you are having problems, or just need an inspection and adjustment, we can provide these irrigation repair services so that you can get maximum enjoyment from your landscape again!

Irrigation Sprinkler System Contractor Wilmington NCDrip Irrigation System Wilmington NC by Gunnell Landscaping ServicesLawn Sprinkler Systems Wilmington NC by Gunnell Landscaping Services






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Lawn Care Service and Turf Management

Lawn Care Service and Turf Management Services from Gunnell Landscaping will enhance your lawn in an eco-friendly manner.  These lawn services include applying fertilizer and pre-emergent herbicide tailored to your turf type. Turf types in the Wilmington NC area include Bermuda, St. Augustine, Zoysia and Centipede which all have different needs.

We also apply post-emergent herbicide for those pesky lawn weeds. And don’t forget the critters like mole crickets and fire ants. We inspect for any insect infestations and fungus outbreaks and apply the necessary controls as required.

We package this into a contract form so you will know the cost up front with no surprises.  Lawn care service packages can be provided separately, but they work best when combined with our lawn maintenance services program so that any changes to the health of your lawn or shrubs will be observed in a timely manner.

We also provide a lawn care treatment to help reduce your water usage known as Moisture Manager. With our Moisture Manager program you can cut the need to water your lawn by as much as 50% and have a healthier, greener lawn at the same time.  This innovative, environmentally friendly treatment allows roots to absorb water more readily and helps the soil to hold and distribute water more effectively.  You can conserve water in as little as two treatments annually!

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Lawn Maintenance Services

At Gunnell Landscaping we have a wide variety of lawn maintenance service programs. We provide these for residential and commercial clients as well as Homeowner Associations throughout Wilmington & Wrightsville Beach as well as the outlying areas of New Hanover, Pender & Brunswick Counties.

These services can be as simple as an occasional mowing service for your lawn (which includes edging and blowing) when you’re out of town to a full service program we refer to as Personal Gardener for the highly selective customer.

In fact our Personal Gardener program is like having a “landscape concierge.” Tell us what you want or need in your landscape, we’ll provide it.

The Personal Gardener program includes lawn mowing to meet the demands of your particular turf, plus pruning, mulch installation, lawn care treatments as required, and the design and installation of seasonal flower beds.  It’s truly like having a personal gardener caring for your property year-round.

The range of these services can be tailored to meet your specific needs and budget. We have the staff and laborers to handle any size property you have. Contact us today for your custom quote.

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Drainage Systems, Grading and Retaining Walls

The coastal environment in the Wilmington NC area can be challenging with drainage issues, and it’s important to have a qualified professional to solve your drainage problems.

Gunnell Landscaping Services is led by Todd Gunnell, a licensed and certified civil engineer. You will find no more qualified company for your drainage system design and installation in Wilmington.

Our skill set also includes expert design, build and installation of retaining walls.  Call us and let us inspect your property and make an expert recommendation to correct your landscape conditions with an attractive drainage solution or retaining wall design.

Get rid of the mud, standing water and mosquito breeding puddles in your yard and get back to enjoying your lawn and garden. Call us today, we guarantee your satisfaction.

Retaining Walls and Hardscapes Wilmington NCRetaining Walls Wilmington NC by Gunnell Landscaping ServicesDrainage Systems Wilmington NC by Gunnell Landscaping Services





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Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting serves many functions. It can obviously enhance the overall aesthetic of your custom landscape design, but a good outdoor lighting system also improves the safety and security of your property. Think about it … a well-lit home is clearly not an attractive target for a would-be intruder.

Gunnell Landscaping Services offers:

  • Design and installation of custom landscape lighting
  • Enhanced landscape atmosphere
  • Increased pedestrian safety
  • Accented architectural and landscape focal points with a variety of illumination techniques and fixtures including uplighting and downlighting

Landscape Lighting Designer Wilmington NCLandscape Lighting Design Wilmington NCOutdoor Lighting Wilmington NC by Gunnell Landscaping





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Moisture Manager Water Conservation

The Moisture Manager is a unique product that binds to the roots of your plants and turf grass and literally attracts moisture as it disrupts surface tension in the water molecules and soil. It is environmentally safe and is a great water conservation tool as it reduces the need for watering by up to 50%.  Follow this link to read more about the moisture manager service from Gunnell Landscaping.

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Plant Care, Pruning & Fertilization

Comprehensive plant care services from our experts at Gunnell Landscaping include inspections of your plant material on a routine basis to identify any insects or disease.  Any problems identified will be treated, upon your approval, to correct the problem and protect your investment in your garden.

We also fertilize your plants for their enhancement so that you maintain a healthy garden.

Pruning is another important part of a healthy plant.  Years of neglect or sudden, heavy pruning to “catch up” can eliminate or severely limit foliage growing inside the plant canopy.  Remember this foliage is vital for the plant to carry on photosynthesis to provide its energy needs. The reduction in foliage makes the plant weak and susceptible to disease and insect damage.  Correct pruning at the proper intervals will allow light into the plant allowing foliage to grow, creating a vigorous and healthy plant. We offer highly skilled pruning services, including pruning of topiary.

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