Moisture Manager

Are you tired of paying those expensive water bills?

Do you want to help the environment and cut your watering up to 50%?

Do you want to have a healthier lawn without the worries of overwatering?

The Moisture Manager program, installed by Gunnell Landscaping in Wilmington NC, can do this and more! Our moisture manager is an advanced, environmentally-sound chemical which reduces watering requirements up to 50% or more.

It sounds pretty scientific, but it ought to be as this product is backed by university research. It works to form a thin persistent film in which the moisture manager molecule binds to the root surface of the plant and literally extracts free water molecules from humidity and moisture within the air space of the soil. This significantly reduces evaporative loss and allows the captured  water molecules to be available for plant use under dry conditions that would ordinarily cause plant wilting and/or death.

A major issue in drought conditions, the soil can easily become hydrophobic,  especially when watering restrictions are imposed in the  Wilmington area and surrounding eastern North Carolina communities. In this hydrophobic condition the parched soil actually channels moisture away from plants instead of helping the water be absorbed into the root system. Our product combats this by acting as a “magnet” for water in the soil.



How is this going to help reduce my watering?

Soil treated with our moisture manager keeps water suspended in the root zone where it is needed instead of being channeled away. This means you can water half as much and still see an improvement in your lawns condition. During normal growing conditions some homeowners are able to water their yard as little as once a week!

Benefits of Gunnell Landscaping’s Moisture Manager Program?

• Minimizes drought stress

• Enhances nutrient uptake

• Optimizes pesticide efficiency

• Improved transplant survival (sod)

• Lower watering expense