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If you need an Irrigation Sprinkler System Contractor Wilmington NC, then you want to call Gunnell Landscaping Services. Besides being a fantastic landscape designer and lawn care service, Gunnell Landscaping can design, install and maintain your lawn sprinkler system to keep your landscape gorgeous while also managing your water budget.

Remember to call us in the Spring of the year to audit your sprinkler system for any potential leaks, pump problems, bad sprinkler heads, etc. We’ll make sure your system is ready to go as summer heat approaches. On the flip side, call us in the Fall to winterize your irrigation system as necessary.  Also see our Moisture Manager service for more on water conservation and healthy turf.

However, not all landscapes are in need of more water. Some, especially here in the low lying areas of Wilmington, are in need of drainage systems. Led by Civil Engineer, Todd Gunnell, we are experts at designing, building and maintaining custom drainage solutions for your property. So for irrigation or drainage, call the experts at Gunnell Landscaping (910) 686-8234.