How to Find Wilmington NC Landscaping Companies

Landscaping Companies Wilmington NCThe problem for someone typing in Wilmington NC Landscaping Companies is that there is no standard for determining which landscape company is qualified to do the job just based on an internet search. Other than pesticide application, since there is no special certification or licensing requirement, it leaves a lot of wiggle room for any landscaper to put out his shingle and go to work. Googling Landscaping Companies Wilmington NC or Wilmington NC Landscaping will bring up all kinds of results.

We have dozens of clients that tell us stories of how they tried several Landscaping Companies Wilmington NC only to be hit with crazy fees, padded estimates and/or shoddy workmanship. And as the industry consolidates, it seems that more and more big regional and national landscaping companies are being trained to sell the most expensive landscaping services while too many mom and pop landscapers with a lawn mower and a truck lack the professionalism to do the job right.

Every person’s situation is different. There are easy landscaping solutions and then there are extremely difficult landscape design and maintenance challenges that may involve several different specialties. Beyond mowing grass, you may need specialists like: landscape lighting consultants, lawn sprinkler system & irrigation contractors, mulch installers, retaining wall and drainage design engineers, licensed pesticide applicators, and stone masons to name a few.

You could certainly hire each one of these landscape specialists as needed, but what a hassle. Wouldn’t it be better to find one landscape company that can handle all your needs?

So Here Are 3 tips to Finding a Landscaping Company Wilmington NC:

Tip #1: What kind of training and experience do they have? A qualified Wilmington NC Landscaping Company needs to be spearheaded by an educated, experienced landscaper. A good landscaper must continue to educate himself and hone his skills to take it to the next level. There are many avenues to pursue this training. With the internet, DVD’s and onsite training, a dedicated landscaper can expose himself to some of the finest training and instruction in the world. That being said, the best way to become one of the top Landscaping Companies Wilmington NC is to actually get out in the field and do the landscaping. In other words, experience is the best teacher. Sure, other people’s experience through continuing education will shorten the learning curve, but there is no substitute for actual on the ground experience. Todd Gunnell and Gunnell Landscaping Services have been Landscaping Wilmington NC for over 15 years now. We’ve seen a lot of different landscape designs and challenging cases and have seen a lot of competitors come and go. But we know our limitations. We know what works and doesn’t work. Our work is predictable and lasts.

Tip #2: What options are available to me? As the old saying goes, ‘there’s more than one way to skin a cat.’ Typically when people think of a Wilmington NC Landscaping Company, they think of the typical “mow, blow and go” experience. But a top landscaper should offer a much bigger menu of landscape services than simply mowing, edging and blowing. In fact, a true full service landscaping contractor must be capable of the specialties we listed above such as irrigation system design and lawn sprinkler repair, landscape lighting design and installation, lawn pest identification and pesticide application, sodding, mulching, and stonework not to mention the creativity to design and build custom landscapes and gardens. Basically you want the peace of mind that the landscaping company you’ve hired can handle any need you have from the simple, like mowing and edging, to the complex like designing, building and maintaining a retaining wall or intricate drainage system. Did you know that simply creating a water feature like a fountain or waterfall or a new hardscape feature like a stone patio or walkway can completely change the character of your landscape without breaking the bank? Ask your local Wilmington NC Landscaping Company about any other options that might be available.

Tip #3: Who does the work? Too often Landscapers in Wilmington NC farm out portions of their work. For instance if your landscaper is not a licensed pesticide applicator, he may be contracting that service out to another provider and then rolling it into the bill for your job. This can be more expensive and also may mean you are not getting the on-the-job supervision and quality of work you expected. The trend for outsourcing is allowing for landscapers to trim their workforces and only focus on one or two high-profit, high-volume services but without the high quality. Ultimately it’s important to ask your landscape contractor about the work they do and who performs it.

So if you’re looking for an experienced Wilmington Landscaping Company, who’s been serving the community for over 15 years, who’s versed in all aspects of landscaping and who performs all the work locally, call us today for a complimentary consultation at 910-686-8234. I’m looking forward to personally meeting you and getting to know your landscaping needs. – Todd Gunnell

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