Custom Stonework – Stone Barbeque Grill Enclosure

Custom stone barbeque grill enclosure.Need custom stonework in your landscape? How about a new custom stone barbeque grill enclosure designed and built by Gunnell Landscaping Wilmington NC. You will be the envy of your neighbors as you host your next cookout. Aren’t you tired of having nowhere to set utensils and plates with limited room for plating your hot food as it comes off the grill? And seriously, where do you put your beer when you run out of hands while cooking?

You’ll have plenty of space for prep and you won’t have to worry about hot food removal with the ample solid stone work surfaces of your custom stone grill enclosure … it’s like having your own outdoor kitchen.

From linear, L-shaped, U-shaped or island style, the design possibilities are endless. Contact Gunnell today and get their stone masons to create your custom stone  grill enclosure. The custom stonework by Gunnell is amazing and your outdoor cookouts will be more fun and less work. Not to mention, you’ll look great doing it!